Tired Trends

Anyone who knows me will tell you two things that are, have and will always be true about me. The first, is that I’m loud in every sense of the word. I don’t have an inside voice, I laugh like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and I always speak what’s on my mind. The second is that I’m always in the middle of five different books at once and I am ready to listen and evaluate what book you should read. In the fall of 2016 I began reading “The Magnolia Story” by Chip and Joanna Gaines. Yes, I want to pretend that I’m too hip to like something so mainstream, but we all can agree they’re precious

One thing that caught me off guard is a chapter where Joanna talks about how she learned to design. Rather than describing it as something she was born with, she talks about how it took years of work to hone and perfect. She went into talking about how she doesn’t like to be trendy, she likes to be timeless. I remember specifically she mentioned that she never wanted to receive a call from a client years later telling her they didn’t like her work because it couldn’t stand the test of time. 

So here I am, an event designer, perplexed by Joanna and wondering if my work stands the test of time and looking back to see what did and what didn’t. (PPST: talking to all the early 00’s brides who wore a tiara on their wedding day)

Timeless Trends

Veils - white, ivory, long, short…I love them all! I think a bride looks her most regal in a veil shot, no tiara necessary. Bonus points if it’s moms!

Midday ceremony - there’s something very sweet about a midday ceremony. I know this definitely isn’t for everyone, but I long for a couple who wants to get married midday at a chapel and walk out to a shower of rice in the air. 

First looks - they’re intimate and give you time to take each other in (without an audience). Selfishly, as a planner, it works better logistically.

Officiant friends - having your ceremony performed by a friend who knows you and your partner is so beautiful. You don’t always have to be married by a random priest who your grandmother knows, consider looking for the individual who’s walked through your relationship with you both. No dry eye in the house—guaranteed! 

Tired Trends

Sparkler exits - while they can make for a beautiful picture, they can be a pain to coordinate. You often buy too many or too few and after a fun time celebrating over signature cocktails, giving your guests fire isn’t always a winning idea. We’ve seen our fair share of sparkler sword-fights so we often take on the role of referee instead of cheerleader. Reminder: sparklers are fire and girls wear a lot of hair spray and chiffon. Let that sink in. 

Signs that imply the groom doesn’t want to get married or those that pimp out your ring bearer- having your nephew carry down a “Last Chance to Run” sign may get a couple of laughs, but in all honesty you two chose to spend forever together, let’s celebrate that, not that your groom has somehow been forced into attending his wedding. In the same vein, ladies, the five year old ring bearer is not single—he’s just a cute addition to your wedding party.

Photo booths - at the end of the night you’re giving someone else a photo shoot. It’s your day, claim the spotlight! 

Bridal party army - I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, no need to have everyone and their brother in your crew. People change and they fight and make up and break up so choose carefully and consider having some special time with the “honorable mentions”. Trust me, nothing is more awkward than having a wedding photo hanging in your house with your brother’s ex-girlfriend in it. 

Trends come, trends go. What is most important is that you focus what you care about remembering. Even if we don’t think the trend you want will stand the test of time, we promise to stand by you.

xoxo, mallory

Becca and Ian—Image by Michelle and Sara Photography

Becca and Ian—Image by Michelle and Sara Photography