Making the Most of Multiple Venues

It isn’t uncommon these days to host your ceremony in one location and then move to another location to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs. 

One thing you learn as an event planner is that there is a reason for everything and anything. As Walt Disney once said: “Everything Speaks.” Also, as an event planner I have raging opinions on everything (don’t worry I know when to stay quiet). So here are the things that your wedding planner wants you to know when considering multiple venues. 

Consider the why: one thing I want to know about every decision my bride makes is the why behind it. The more I can understand your whys, the better options I can put in front of you and the better I can make quick decisions the day of. If you’re wanting to get married in a chapel but don’t want to host a party in the church banquet hall, or If there’s a special spot you want to say “I Do” in front of but it doesn’t have a reception place; those are fine and great reasons to want two venues for your wedding day. If you simply LOVE two venues and just have to have it all, let’s chat about that. You’ll be amazed what your vendors can accomplish when we collaborate and design together.  

Consider the drive: please Lord in Heaven DO NOT pick a ceremony location and a reception location that is more than three miles away, and I’m being generous when I say three. My partner-in-crime, Megan, will tell you I’m the queen of the timeline and nothing sends me into a panic attack faster than the idea of having to control two venues thirty minutes apart. Think about your guests who will have to navigate from one place to another, think of your parents who will worry about everyone making it to the right place at the right time and lastly think of my therapist who will listen to me recount the anxiety of managing 130 people in two places, too far apart. 

Consider the vendors: when you have two different venues it isn’t just your bridal party and guests who have to get from one place to another, it’s also your vendors. If considering having two venues the most important vendors to think of are your planner, photographer, florist and even your DJ.  You’ll want to make sure all vendors have assistants so you can have two eyes on the ground of both venues. Having multiple venues means that you need to think about transportation of flowers, decor and your bridal party. 

My biggest piece of advice though? Find your why. If you know the whys behind the decision you make then it will give you (and us) confidence in making your day the best. Getting married is important and at Hosea House Collective we believe it means something, so pick the place that makes the happiest and if that means picking two places; do that. Just be prepared for my therapy bill... kidding, I’m kidding!

xoxo, mallory

Image: Michelle and Sara Photography | Venues: The Glass Box at 230 and The Stockroom at 230

Image: Michelle and Sara Photography | Venues: The Glass Box at 230 and The Stockroom at 230