Doing "Do-It-Yourself" Better: A Guide

I’m a people pleaser.  There. I said it. It has led to many a sleepless night, but has also gotten me to where I am today.  Anyone who shares the same mindset knows the catchphrase; “how can I help?” This is a double edged sword, especially when it comes to a wedding, no matter who is walking down the aisle.  Here are a few things to consider before enlisting your family and friends as vendors in your own DIY’d day.

Be a good host

Not only are you and your fiance the main event, you are also the hosts of the soiree.  Any host worth their salt, knows your guests need to be fed, watered and made to feel special. If your aunt also made the impressive pie display, she should be thanked privately and publicly.

Let your guests be guests

In a similar vein, your family and closest friends shouldn’t have to staff the event they’ve been invited to. They have not only supported the both of you, but have traveled, dressed up and bought potentially multiple gifts all in your honor. Leave food service and heavy lifting (especially the June and July brides) to the professionals.

Don’t get in over your head

There is a tutorial out there for everything and I firmly believe that any dog can be taught a new trick—but your wedding day may not be the best time to debut those new skills. Be cautious when taking on a big design element for your day like flowers. They will be in 90% if your wedding photos and are frustrating for beginners who don’t have access to wholesale blooms and the supplies that a florist does. Opt for handwritten notes, handmade favors and smaller personal touches instead.

Suffice it to say that wedding planning is all about priorities. It is an ongoing conversation with your partner and your planner so that your event “feels” the way you want it to. Please people, or don’t. It’s your day. We’re here to make it happen.

xoxo, megan

The Stockroom at 230 | Photo by Vesic Photo

The Stockroom at 230 | Photo by Vesic Photo