Benefits of a Holiday Weekend Wedding

Chances are you either love them or you hate them, yes, we are talking holiday weekend weddings. Believe it or not there are benefits to celebrating longer, and we aren’t just talking about the extra vacation days. With wedding season spanning from May well into October there are three major holiday weekends to take advantage of: Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Planning a wedding can be daunting, especially one over a long weekend, luckily the ladies of Hosea House are here to give you all the tips and tricks.

Plan a longer engagement—Hear me out, venues book up months in advance especially in peak wedding season. Allow your guests the time to coordinate their schedules for them to do more than just travel to celebrate. Having a longer engagement for a holiday weekend wedding gives you the advantage of having your pick of venues and the luxury of time when selecting other vendors.

Save big by planning a Sunday ceremony and party like it is Saturday night—Getting married on a holiday weekend allows you to pay the price of a Sunday wedding, but unlike other Sundays your guests will be ready to celebrate all night with no thoughts of the Sunday scaries.

Give your guests a list of things to do while visiting—Most of your guests will have a long weekend anyway. Get them pumped for your nuptials by showcasing the town you’re tying the knot in. Give them information for local celebrations, your favorite bites, hiking trails and town treasures. Think food truck rodeos, parades, firework shows and festivals—Americana is always on trend.

Honor your veterans— Since most holiday weekends are observed to honor those who have served, make sure that they are noticed on your big day.  Memory tables for those served and passed, a shout out by your DJ or for military couples, a classic Arch of Swords, can go a long way to thank these brave men and women.  

Haters gonna hate and that’s okay—Some people really don’t like being invited to holiday weekend weddings, and that’s okay. It is your celebration, your party, your love story, don’t let opinions of naysayers be the soundtrack of your wedding day.

No matter how you do it, where you do it or how many days you take to celebrate the ladies of Hosea House care solely that you do it all in love.

xoxo mallory

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