Introducing Hosea House Collective

“This ain’t my first rodeo”, it’s one of my favorite southernisms, it puts people at ease and makes them feel like they are being cared for. While the ins and outs of planning a wedding is nothing out of the ordinary, starting Hosea House Collective is, in fact--the newest of rodeos.  

Never once did I think I was going to be a small business owner, as I sit with my copy of "Limited Liability Companies for Dummies" beside me.  But I am here and I have never felt more hopeful.

Mallory and I met a little over a year ago during an internship with a Raleigh planner, Emily King of Whiskey and White Events, who soon became a mentor and big sister in the industry.  She taught us the importance of an overly comprehensive master sheet, standing up for your own and that taper candles are to be used sparingly--if ever. Though we already had extensive event experience, we fell in love with weddings: the pace, emotion driven decisions and, perhaps most importantly, the people.

After our first wedding we were hooked, we knew we were home and we knew we were the team to execute our couple’s dream days.  Mallory will pour over your details and make sure your timeline runs smoothly while I am mostly likely giving pep talks to your flower girls, hugs to your grandmother and keeping a watch on the overall design of the event.  We thrive under pressure, working behind the scenes to make sure our couples never see us sweat.

Hosea House Collective isn’t just about us, it’s about you.  It’s about cherishing your love story, about thoughtfully designed events and a constant focus on guest experience.  It’s about community over competition. It’s about building clients, vendors and our community up and celebrating their successes--in love or otherwise.  

We’re so happy to be here and just as happy to meet you.  Welcome to the rodeo and welcome to Hosea House.

xoxo, megan