Real Talk For Real Weddings

There are a lot of stereotypes around engagement, weddings and the journey down the aisle. These ideas are brought on by the blush and bashful bridesmaids dresses from Steel Magnolias and too many TLC shows to count. There is pressure to have the perfect ceremony, fashion and overall day. Oh and don’t be a “bridezilla” while under this stress. After a couple of years of watching people get married, Meg and I have attended/worked tens of dozens of weddings and here are some things we have learned:

Have a longer engagement

Now I am not talking a five year engagement and I totally understand the reasoning for a short engagement but hear me out on this one: so. many. parties. Kind of kidding, kind of not. Enjoy the time of being engaged, the stage before the rest of your lives together. I tell my couples that you will never have this time of engagement back with your future spouse, embrace it! There is also the perk of having a lot of showers and who doesn’t love a party?

Spend money on things that matter to you

This one is probably my favorite nuggets I have learned. Don’t really care about food, just want there to be some? Don’t get the pricey package. Want a bomb photographer but don’t care about a videographer? Spend that money on swoon-worthy images. Don’t care about a grand exit? Nix the sparklers. Love music and want to dance the night away? Pay for quality. If you feel pressured to spend money on things that you don’t really care about, realize that is okay not to have those things at your wedding. Figure out what you care about and invest in that -- that will be what you remember the most and regret the least. 

Spend the day with your new spouse

After you say “I do” spend the reception and the rest of your night next to your person. When you think back on your big day you’ll know that you were together, not searching for them for photo-ops and when your fave 90s throwback comes on. I know it sounds cheesy, but trust me on this one. 

Don’t sweat the small stuff

I know; easier said than done. There are a lot of things that can cause stress around a wedding including but not limited to; families, weather, timing, wedding party and money. Stay true to yourself and your partner and let that drive your decisions. Don’t sweat it (that is what Meg and I do for a living after all). Drinking some champagne and put your feet’s your day, now act like it!

Ultimately your day is about you and your beloved. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, especially because it is a once in a lifetime experience. Take a deep breath, set your priorities and lean on each other, you’ll be glad you did. If all else fails the ladies of Hosea House will be there to remind you that you’re the best (Tina Turner/David and Patrick in Schitt’s Creek style) and that we got your back. 

xo, mallory

Image by Krista Stevens of Six Foot Photography

Image by Krista Stevens of Six Foot Photography