7 Reasons Your Planner is a Superhero

Meg and I sit with a lot of couples, often several times, before we even sign a contract. We answer questions, showcase our knowledge and get to know them better because the ladies of Hosea House are suckers for a good love story. We get asked time and time again “why do we need a planner?”, so in true Mal fashion, let me shoot it to you straight with my TIP TOP reasons for needing (not wanting) a wedding planner.  


This one is for all my “type A” brides out there or for the bride that wants the doors to open for her to walk down the aisle right at minute 2:38 of Latch - Acoustic by Sam Smith (just me? okay..). Bottom line, your wedding needs a timeline and your day needs someone whose sole priority is to make sure that timeline is followed as close as possible. Think of all the things you want around your wedding day: cake cutting, photos, cocktail hour, first dances, your epic Beyonce medley, etc. we make sure all of those happen and when you want them to happen. Timing is EVERYTHING, and that’s a hill the ladies of Hosea House are happy to die on. 


We make sure your grandmother’s veil is photographed perfectly and is handled with extreme care, we learn your dogs’ names and their roles in the wedding, and we keep your glass constantly full with your favorite drink. As Walt Disney said, “everything speaks” and because of that we cherish in the precious details of your day. 

Your wedding DAY, not just your wedding

One thing Meg and I hear often is that “we just need someone there to make sure the ceremony goes well”. Wedding planners are there for the entire day and, in most cases, the whole wedding weekend. We make sure everyone arrives when they’re supposed to, the decor is exactly how you wanted it and, yes, that the timeline is followed and your contracts with vendors have been fulfilled. Consider it insurance for your big day. 

Leave nothing behind

Ever wondered what happens while you’re starry eyed from the sparkler send off and ready to relax on your honeymoon? We make sure all your gifts and personal belongings have been loaded into dad’s car, the vendors have what they need to wrap up and that everything is out of the venue. No need to thank us, it’s in our contract and honestly we love to know you and your guests can enjoy the day without worrying about clean up. 

No drama for your mama

After working in corporate event planning for as long as I have you come to learn one thing is always certain, there will be little fires. To tell you the truth, they’ll happen, but they’re not important. We always bring up this fact because we take pride in knowing our couples so well we can put out the those fires as they come, we promise you won’t even see the smoke. 

Tricky sticky situations

Crazy aunt who needs to be cut off? Parents are divorced in a “can’t be in the same room at the same time” sort of way? Mad at a vendor? We can handle all of that and more, let us have the hard conversations so you can enjoy your wedding day. 

Your own personal hype man

We’re your biggest cheerleaders! You best believe we’re going to advocate for what you want, keep the groomsmen in line and make sure you don’t break a sweat. We got your back, girl. 

There are so many reasons that I could list to hire a wedding planner, but honestly falling is love and getting married is a gift and we believe you should enjoy it. 

xoxo, mallory